2019 Tour Blog

Tour Day 49

Just like that….it is over.  Wheels are dipped in the Atlantic Ocean and the journey started at the Pacific Ocean seven weeks ago is complete. This great group of strangers came together and meshed from day 1. They supported each other. They ate together, laughed together, rode together and changed a few flats together along […]

Tour Day 48

Last night the sky opened up and it poured again. Thunder, lightning, and pounding rain. This morning the riders rode off into a thick fog bank that happily turned into a bright and sunny day. Tomorrow we take our final ride to the beach to finish this journey by dipping a wheel in the Atlantic […]

Tour Day 47

Climb, climb, climb some more! Big day of climbing from Troy, New York to Brattleboro, Vermont. Along the way there were charming little towns, beautiful lakes, and little streams running along the road. Tomorrow is our last big day of riding. We’ll celebrate with a banquet dinner where we’ll share thoughts and enjoy a last […]

Tour Day 46

And…..when it rains we ride. No questions asked, just saddle up and go. It did rain.  First a little, then a lot, and then a lot more. The video below captures the mood. What an amazing group of riders—even when they’re really, really wet. The Mohawk River Valley is always beautiful regardless of the weather. […]

Tour Day 45

Always beautiful, riding through New York State did not fail to impress again this year. The canal, the historic homes, and the lush greenery slows the riders down as they take in a part of the country so distinctly different from the deserts of California experienced just seven short weeks ago. It’s hard to believe […]

Tour Day 44

Fun, fun day of bicycle touring! The roads here in New York State are really beautiful with nice surfaces and wide shoulders. There were big smiles all around as the group rode out from the hotel in Victor to our first SAG following a breathtaking view of one of the finger lakes. With sparkling water […]

Tour Day 43

Beautiful, amazing, wonderful, fantastic ride from Hamburg to Victor, New York today.  The weather could not have been better and the route was scenic with just enough variety to keep all the riders happy. Today is 3000 mile day! At the first SAG lots of pictures of happy riders, staged pictures of tired riders, and […]

Tour Day 42

The last leg of our cross country journey left from Erie in sunshine as the group rode alone the lakeshore for miles. Good roads and fair weather led the way to the New York State sign before SAG featuring strawberry shortcake, now the tour favorite. In Hamburg, it was time for a good dinner and […]

Tour Day 40

Limited visibility due to fog this morning provided a uniquely quiet, almost mystical cycling experience. As the tour moved forward the fog lifted and by the time the riders crossed into PA the sun was shining. SAG at the White Turkey Diner is always a favorite tour stop, and today was especially nice. Turkey sandwiches […]

Tour Day 39

Watching communities suffering from the effects of flooding on the nightly news is one thing, but seeing it first hand and talking to the local residents is another. We were humbled today in Ohio. So much water in fields, on the sides of the roads, and everywhere you know that water doesn’t usually stand or […]

Tour Day 38

Sometimes you have to go around. Especially when a bridge is under construction with a big gap and lots of water flowing underneath. Fortunately today, there was a really quick solution that added less than a mile to the 98 mile day. Not a problem. In Ohio, as in many other states this year, water […]

Tour Day 37

What a day! A slight drizzle turned into a dry day with a wonderful tail wind. This group made quick work of 104 miles crossing into Ohio early this morning. So many surprises today. We were aware that one rider’s son was meeting him here at the hotel for dinner, by had no idea what […]

Tour Day 36

Rainy day. It started with a sprinkle this morning that we believed could be out peddled. Or at least the group had that hope. Even so, everyone rode out from the hotel. This is not a group of riders looking for the easy path to Boston. They ride no matter what the weather is doing. […]

Tour Day 35

Quick ride into Indianapolis today. First a SAG stop and then off to ride the White River Parkway Trail before discovering the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. www.visitindy.com Each of the riders were provided a copy of the Cultural Trail map along with their cue sheet today. Although all routes are provided electronically for phone or Garmin use, […]

Tour Day 34

No two days are alike on tour. Today, for instance, had three big “news worthy” stories. 1. Charlie was interviewed by the local TV station in Champaign, IL. See video below. 2. Howard, after riding 2000 miles with a very painful toe, bought new bike shoes at the shop Peyton works for in Champaign. Actually, […]

Tour Day 32

The ride into a rest day is a giddy-happy-yippie-wow, look where we are kind of day. Today was no different as the riders left the hotel for a day of cycling in perfect weather. Our first SAG stop this morning was in Chester, the geographic center of Illinois. There is a monument built in a […]

Tour Day 31

SAG is a daily occurrence on tour. There are certain SAG “spots” that are counted on each tour season, and it’s fun to stop and see the familiar faces of the people who work there. This morning, the first stop in our 108 mile ride day was at the John Wood Community College Agricultural Center. […]

Tour Day 30

Smooth peddling in good weather on good roads today. Missouri, on Sunday morning, is quiet and the riders were fast. At SAG this morning the 2000 mile mark was celebrated. That’s a BIG number! Crossing the Mississippi River is monumental. There are two bridges. The eastbound bridge, the old bridge, is underwater on the western […]

Tour Day 29

All’s well that ends well! Last night was a long one as we determined exactly what action today would be best for the riders. A bridge on our route had washed out. Option 1- Reroute making the day longer. Option 2- Get creative. Borrow a ladder from a local farmer. Go for it. We chose […]

Tour Day 28

The DeKalb County Historical Society hosted our morning SAG today. Children from the elementary school made signs and chanted “bikers, bikers” as the group rode into town after regrouping for the event. Outside, a table was waiting with the BEST homemade cinnamon roles ever, lemonade, PBJ’s and bananas. Truly the dream cyclist foods! Today was […]

Tour Day 27

A few sprinkles this morning cleared quickly into a beautiful day. Kansas is green. Many colors if green. The corn, which is usually taller by now, was planted late due to the late rains. Some fields will not be planted at all because they are still flooded. We are told by the locals that the […]

Tour Day 26

Picture yourself riding through a country post card. Beautiful green pastures. Farm houses. Fields with bales of hay. Horses and cows. The roads you are riding your bike on are perfect as they gently go up, down, and around. Best of all, perhaps, is the child-like feeling of play that emerges within you at a […]

Tour Day 24

In addition to 86 miles of amazing cycling in Kansas today, it seemed like the group spent a lot of time eating. First, of course, there was breakfast which was very upbeat as the group looked forward to a rest day tomorrow. Next, SAG in Durham at the little town park proved to be both […]

Tour Day 23

Flat and straight would describe today’s short 64 mile ride. A bit of a head wind early, but a good ride! It’s interesting as we ride across the country to see how the many small communities commentate our veterans. Today was no exception. SAG this morning was at a Dairy Queen that has always been […]

Tour Day 22

Another day of great cycling in Kansas! With a few sprinkles as the riders left Dodge City this morning, the day turned sunny and warm. Jackets were shed and carried in the vans. Spirits were high. Wide shoulders on the roads and a slight tailwind made for a quick ride to SAG just ten miles […]

Tour Day 21

After a warm welcome in Liberal, KS, and a good rest, we left this morning to ride to Dodge City. First, a stop at the Dalton Gang Hideout in Meade where the riders explored the hideout, the house, and the escape tunnel. Great time, and perfect weather! Down the road in the town of Minneola, […]

Tour Day 20

Sunshine. Short day. Very little wind. Dorothy’s house, and the Mid-America Air Museum.  Great day to cross the state line from Oklahoma into Kansas. Not a cloud in the sky as the riders moved forward through Hooker, OK, our SAG stop this morning. The fields are so green compared the the desert in CA, the […]

Tour Day 19

Oklahoma….we’re here!!! Windy weather today didn’t blow the determination out of this tour group. Out the door this morning leaving Texas and heading for Oklahoma, the wind kept blowing right over the state line. The BIG TEX statue proved again to make for a great photo opportunity, and the owner of the big guy stopped […]

Tour Day 18

Beautiful sunrise in Tucumcari, NM this morning.  The day started and ended with a nice cool tailwind providing a good push for the 95.9 miles to Dalhart, TX. Crossing the state line, we gave up another hour just before our lunch stop at the old Texas sign. With full bellies and high spirits the group […]

Tour Day 17

Tour left this morning from the Historic Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, NM, after a great breakfast served in the saloon. This very colorful location was comfortable and unique! The morning’s ride followed smooth roads with delightful descents. Our first SAG stop was at an old gas station once featured in the movie No Country […]

Tour Day 16

Today is 1000 mile day! The journey across the country from coast to coast is well underway, and it is almost unbelievable that one week ago the riders left our Flagstaff hotel in the rain and snow. This morning, leaving Santa Fe after the second rest day, was perfect for cycling, and the route was […]

Tour Day 14

No wind. Crystal clear sky. Riders on the road to Santa Fe, NM looking forward to their second rest day. What could be better?!? This day is a big climbing day with big descents and a great lunch spot in the funky little hippie town of Madrid. On the way, SAG was held in Golden, […]

Tour Day 13

Who invited the wind to our bike tour? Even with the wind, the riders continued to move forward from hotel to SAG 1, and then SAG 2, before finishing at our hotel in Albuquerque for the evening. The first part of the day was spent on a 30 mile section of Historic Hwy 66. The […]

Tour Day 12

Sunshine and a tailwind, combined with a cool start, pushed riders up and over the Continental Divide this morning. At SAG we discovered many of the riders had never experienced dipping apple slices in caramel as a refreshing and yummy treat. That, and a variety of mini doughnuts, kept everyone chatting as they took pictures […]

Tour Day 11

Cool start this morning in Holbrook, AZ. No wind turned into a breeze and then a roaring cold tailwind as the group continued to ride, fix flats, and smile the entire time. This extraordinary group of riders is like no other. They’ve been a cohesive unit since day one. They work together very well. Yesterday […]

Tour Day 10

What a day! It snow, rained, and hailed while a tailwind blew all the way from Flagstaff to Holbrook. Everyone rode today and everyone smiled and met the challenge of the adventure! We stood on the corner in Winslow, Arizona and we rode the rabbit at the Jack Rabbit Trading Post. Tonight we celebrate the […]

Tour Day 8

How many good days can there be to ride your bike? The answer to that question must be quite a few. Cool and wonderful ride this morning from Cottonwood though the red rocks for coffee and pictures in the heart of downtown Sedona. Up the canyon, along the river, and up a climb that will […]

Tour Day 7

Up and over Mingus Mountain this morning! A clear, cool and wonderful morning of cycling was enjoyed by all. Lunch at the Haunted Hamburger in the historic town of Jerome proved to be just as yummy as usual. And the view, priceless! Tomorrow, the day before our first rest day in Flagstaff, we ride through […]

Tour Day 6

The day opened with a smooth ride out of Wickenburg on fresh pavement and a great shoulder. Pressing forward, the climb up Yarnell Pass led to SAG at Flora May Park in Yarnell.  The swing set proved entertaining for a those diverse cyclists in the group. Leaving SAG, a downhill leading to the climb up […]

Tour Day 5

Crossing the desert by bicycle is a huge accomplishment! The days are long, hot and they can be windy. Today we had all of that, but the big smiles, good humor and grand sense of “we are all in this together” prevailed. This tour group is bonded with the common goal of mutual respect and […]

Tour Day 4

Riding your bike across the desert is an experience like no other. The landscape is unexpected. There were no clouds in the sky as the riders began the climb out of Indio this morning. As the day warmed up the group pressed on, determined. Along the way, good decisions were made. Some riders took a […]

Tour Day 3

Very welcome cool morning weather in Riverside, CA, sent the tour group heading east for two climbs early in the day. For the first time ever CrossRoads riders were escorted through the Morongo Band is Mission Indians Reservation just outside Palm Springs. Not only was this opportunity very appreciated, the riders took a quick break […]

Tour Day 2

After a wheel dip in the Pacific Ocean at the Manhattan Beach Pier, another fantastic group of cross country cyclists headed for Boston today. In seven weeks and more than 3400 miles, this same group will dip a wheel in the Atlantic. This is a trip of a life time! Spirits are high looking forward […]