Getting Started



Step 1 Register for tour. If you have questions, call us or send an email. We are here to assist you in any way we can. No question is too simple or silly – just ask!

On the registration page you will find the policies and procedures for registration along with a waiver to acknowledge. We collect some basic information from you via our online form. You have an option to pay your tour deposit via the PayPal system or Stripe. It’s easy.

We also suggest you share the excitement of your tour dream with your friends and family. Let them encourage you along the way towards the beginning of tour. The journey begins long before you dip your wheel in the Pacific Ocean and head towards Boston.

Step 2 Train for tour. There are many details associated with getting ready for tour. Bike tune-up or overhaul, bike shipping, orientation day, what to pack, etc. All of that information will be sent to you beginning in January. Right now, we believe your focus on training is most important.

When you register we will send you a WELCOME email with a training plan that you may want to consider as you continue to ride your bike in preparation for your tour. We are also happy to discuss your training plan with you. Give us a call!

Step 3 Practice for tour. That means – practice changing flats because everyone has (at least) one! Learning to change flats is a necessary skill on the road. We suggest you take a look at YouTube. Search for “changing bike flats”. There are lots of very informative videos out there created by both men and women. Look through them until you find someone who makes sense to you and then practice, practice, practice. Or, many bike shops offer classes specifically geared for changing flats. A good goal is to change your flat in five minutes or less.

Whenever possible, our mechanics or crew will assist you should you experience a flat on the road. However, individual flat changing skills are important.