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At Big Dream Bike Tours, Cross Country Bike Tours, we are dedicated to your passion. Your passion to ride your bike and explore America ties directly into our passion to identify the best trails and bike paths available. Each year new trails, pathways, bikeways, and rails-to-trails are identified for development, or expanded. This is a great time for cycling, and it is because of the new interest and raised awareness of cycling within the United States that our routes and our exact tour mileage will change over time. Mapping and “ride guides” will be continually developed and updated for your riding safety and pleasure.  See map.

Ride long. Discover America. Discover yourself.

Ride your bike across the United States from “sea to shining sea”. The adventure is unparalleled, monumental, challenging and satisfying. Friendships never to be forgotten are forged through the common goal. Each day brings a new challenge, a new level of endurance and an awakening to the vast diversity of America.

You can do this. Be part of a great memory that you craft for yourself. Go for it!

Take a look. Read about the routine of the tour, the pace of the day, the excitement of the accomplishment.  Join us!

*Each regional tour is a part of the Sea to Shining Sea – Tour across the United States. If necessary, pricing to start or end your tour at an alternative location on our route can be provided. Tour dates, however, may not be changed.

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