Tour Day 45

Tour Day 45

Tour Day 45 – Monday
Syracuse to Herkimer, NY
Miles: 71.0
Climbing + 1,492 feet
Descending – 1,527 feet

Totals to Date:   
Miles: 3,174.5
Climbing:  94,572
Descending: 94,272

Always beautiful, riding through New York State did not fail to impress again this year. The canal, the historic homes, and the lush greenery slows the riders down as they take in a part of the country so distinctly different from the deserts of California experienced just seven short weeks ago.

It’s hard to believe that Boston and our wheel dip at Revere is so close now. No one seems to be in a hurry. A few of the riders never want tour to end. The simplicity of tour life is hard to resist. Riding 80 or more miles a day is not a problem. Eat, ride, sleep, repeat. It’s all good.