Tour Day 31

Tour Day 31

Tour Day 31 – Monday
Quincy to Springfield, IL
Miles: 106.3
Climbing + 2,286 feet
Descending – 2,431 feet

Totals to Date:   
Miles: 2,164.5
Climbing:  67,664
Descending: 67,193

SAG is a daily occurrence on tour. There are certain SAG “spots” that are counted on each tour season, and it’s fun to stop and see the familiar faces of the people who work there. This morning, the first stop in our 108 mile ride day was at the John Wood Community College Agricultural Center. The staff welcomed our riders and enjoyed hearing about the tour. As well, they are always happy to allow us to use their restrooms. A nice bonus!

With rather stiff tail wind, the riders headed down the road after SAG to cross the Illinois River. The bridge at this crossing is new and can be seen from miles away.  In contrast to many other bridges, a good bike lane was included in the design.

Tomorrow the tour heads for Champaign, IL and our 4th rest day. The days, and the miles, are flying by quickly.