Tour Day 32

Tour Day 32

Tour Day 32 – Tuesday
Springfield to Champaign, IL
Miles: 88.6
Climbing + 1,428 feet
Descending – 1,245 feet

Totals to Date:   
Miles: 2,253.1
Climbing:  69,092
Descending: 68,438

The ride into a rest day is a giddy-happy-yippie-wow, look where we are kind of day. Today was no different as the riders left the hotel for a day of cycling in perfect weather.

Our first SAG stop this morning was in Chester, the geographic center of Illinois. There is a monument built in a beautiful little park in Chester which sits on the side of the road next to a huge grain silo.

After miles more cycling and another relaxed SAG under a tree, the group headed out for the last 20 miles into Champaign, hometown of our on-road mechanic, Peyton Kaiser.  Peyton was welcomed home today by his family and friends, but his ride is not over. After a day off, it’s back on the road to Boston for everyone.