Tour Day 10

Tour Day 10

Tour Day 10 – Monday
Flagstaff to Holbrook, AZ
Miles: 93.6
Climbing + 1,177 feet
Descending – 2,886 feet

Totals to Date:   
Miles: 634.7
Climbing:  26,374
Descending: 21,298

What a day! It snow, rained, and hailed while a tailwind blew all the way from Flagstaff to Holbrook. Everyone rode today and everyone smiled and met the challenge of the adventure!

We stood on the corner in Winslow, Arizona and we rode the rabbit at the Jack Rabbit Trading Post.

Tonight we celebrate the day with pizza, pasta, chicken, salad, and a great big birthday cake! Tomorrow, more fun by bike!


Relive ‘Ride to Holbrook’