Tour Day 39

Tour Day 39

Tour Day 39 – Tuesday
Wooster to Niles, OH
Miles: 93.3
Climbing + 3,347 feet
Descending – 3,283 feet

Totals to Date:   
Miles: 2,757.5
Climbing:  83,468
Descending: 82,616

Watching communities suffering from the effects of flooding on the nightly news is one thing, but seeing it first hand and talking to the local residents is another. We were humbled today in Ohio.

So much water in fields, on the sides of the roads, and everywhere you know that water doesn’t usually stand or run.

Nevertheless, we ride on, sometimes over it, sometimes besides it, and today, through it. Not enough to close a road, but enough to slow us down to a near stop.

Tomorrow we head to Eric, PA to spend two nights. This is our last rest day before the final push to Revere Beach. As that day draws closer, we hope for sunshine. Not just for ourselves, but for the many, many people suffering from so much rain.