Tour Day 34

Tour Day 34

Tour Day 34 – Thursday
Champaign to Crawfordsville, IL
Miles: 80.5
Climbing + 1,622 feet
Descending – 1,619 feet

Totals to Date:   
Miles: 2,333.6
Climbing:  70,714
Descending: 70,057

No two days are alike on tour. Today, for instance, had three big “news worthy” stories.

1. Charlie was interviewed by the local TV station in Champaign, IL. See video below.

2. Howard, after riding 2000 miles with a very painful toe, bought new bike shoes at the shop Peyton works for in Champaign. Actually, Peyton sold them to Howard even though he wasn’t working.

3. Dr. Jeff tried to ride one of the bikes on the bike wall in Hillsboro. He’s sure he’ll have a sore muscle or two in the morning.

More news tomorrow!