Tour Day 27

Tour Day 27

Tour Day 27 – Thursday
Topeka, KS to St. Joseph, MO
Miles: 85.4
Climbing + 2,755 feet
Descending – 2,683 feet

Totals to Date:   
Miles: 1,819.6
Climbing:  56,760
Descending: 56,864

A few sprinkles this morning cleared quickly into a beautiful day.

Kansas is green. Many colors if green. The corn, which is usually taller by now, was planted late due to the late rains. Some fields will not be planted at all because they are still flooded. We are told by the locals that the water will stand for quite a while. As well, levees are breaking and unexpected flooding continues.

Today we experienced flooding and road closures first hand before we crossed the Missouri River. Re-routing was successful, but added about 12 miles to an already long day. Everyone, however, arrived at the hotel in time for dinner.

Tomorrow is another day. A day that will be spent riding in Missouri.