Tour Day 12

Tour Day 12

Tour Day 12 – Wednesday
Gallup to Grants, NM
Miles: 65.8
Climbing + 1,275 feet
Descending – 1,345 feet

Totals to Date:   
Miles: 794.7
Climbing:  30,061
Descending: 23,765

Sunshine and a tailwind, combined with a cool start, pushed riders up and over the Continental Divide this morning. At SAG we discovered many of the riders had never experienced dipping apple slices in caramel as a refreshing and yummy treat. That, and a variety of mini doughnuts, kept everyone chatting as they took pictures and drank coffee.

Next, a long section of Historic Hwy 66 brought the tour to Grants, NM, a little town once depressed and now vibrant with life.

Relive ‘Ride to Grants’