Tour Day 26

Tour Day 26

Tour Day 26 – Wednesday
Junction City to Topeka, KS
Miles: 82.1
Climbing + 3,263 feet
Descending – 3,388 feet

Totals to Date:   
Miles: 1,734.2
Climbing:  54,005
Descending: 53,181

Picture yourself riding through a country post card. Beautiful green pastures. Farm houses. Fields with bales of hay. Horses and cows. The roads you are riding your bike on are perfect as they gently go up, down, and around.

Best of all, perhaps, is the child-like feeling of play that emerges within you at a small city park in the (very) small town of Dwight, KS, where SAG is waiting for you.  Just you, your bike, friends, and the miles ahead of you.

You are now halfway to Boston!