Day 1 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Getting ready to ride!

As we prepare to ride, fair weather with clear skies and a light wind greeted our riders today in Southern California as they look forward to beginning their Cross Country Bike Tour from Newport Beach, CA to Pleasure Bay Beach, Boston, MA.  Meeting on the hotel patio, we talked about the daily process of tour and what to expect.  Looking forward, we head towards Boston into week of mild temperatures not over the mid-eighties.  Nice!  In the morning it’s breakfast, pack-up, pump-up, ride to the beach to dip a wheel in the Pacific Ocean….and then ride the first 35 miles of our 67 mile day on the Santa Ana River Parkway. Very nice!IMG_3993 IMG_3994

Stay tuned, this is going to be fun.

Newport Beach Chamber

Have fun in Newport Beach