Day 48 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Springfield to Waltham, MA

96 miles, +4809/-4623 feet

Today was a day to “get the job done”.  Long miles and hills, but worth it.  Tonight we are in Waltham, MA, preparing for tomorrow, the last cross country ride day….17 miles to Pleasure Day Beach.

Final SAG at Howard's

Final SAG at Howard’s

We had our last full SAG as we opened up the Big Dream Feed Zone in the shade at Howard’s Drive-in this morning. They weren’t open yet, but were happy to have us use their restroom and a picnic table in the shade.  What could be better than that!

It’s funny – when you spend seven weeks with the same people you develop a culture of your own.  An intimacy of sorts.  This group, with our BIG eaters who always cleaned their plates and then managed to go find a huge desert to eat, turned into a food sharing family.  More nights that not, my plate would be passed around after I was finished and would it come back to me empty.  Not a bad plan, just not expected.  Sort of nice really….


Good roads

Good roads

We saw beautiful roads again today and great country neighborhoods on the way into Waltham. In the morning the riders will make a turn onto the Charles River Parkway on their way to Pleasure Bay Beach.  The beach will appear as they crest the hill on Broadway above the Atlantic Ocean.

The end of the journey will then be in sight.

Beautiful views

Beautiful views