Rest Day 1 in Flagstaff, AZ – How about a visit to the Grand Canyon?

Rest Day 1 in Flagstaff, AZ – How about a visit to the Grand Canyon?


Flagstaff is a wonderful place to visit, and close enough to the Grand Canyon for a day trip by car. Car rentals are easy to find. Enterprise, Budget, and  Alamo are all close by.  You may want to ask if they will deliver to the hotel.

The question is, should you REST, or should you PLAY? This is a very well deserved rest day.  After riding your bike from the Pacific Ocean in California, you are now in the state of Arizona.  It all looks different and it feels different.  And, you look different and feel different. What an accomplishment!  Your journey started seven days ago and continues for six more weeks when you reach the Atlantic Ocean at Pleasure Bay Beach in Boston, MA.

Downtown Flagstaff

Maybe a day trip is just a little more than you’d like to take on?  Downtown Flagstaff is and full of interesting shops, restaurants and local color.  Take a look and see what might interest you. On the way into town you rode through Northern Arizona University. If you feel like stretching your legs just a bit it might be worth taking a spin back there to enjoy the beautiful Ponderosa Pines.

Park your bike.





The beauty of “rest day” is that one person may rest by laying in bed and watching movies all day, or reading a book, while another may take in the local sites.  It’s up to you, after all it’s your bike tour across the country, and you can rest any way you would like to.