Day 7 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Prescott to Cottonwood, AZ

45 miles, +2847/-4942 feet

Hummm…….what was this day like?  Climb. Descend. Eat. Descend. Sit by the pool. Eat. Sleep.

Mingus Mountain is a fabulous climb up to 7023 feet.  At the top we opened up our Feed Zone and struck up a conversation with a couple of guys from Dallas, TX, riding big motorcycles.  Of course, they wanted to know who we were waiting for and we told them to stick around and they’d find out.  Within minutes, Dana rounded the corner and they stopped abruptly and asked “how old is that guy?” Hysterical.  They were expecting thirty-somethings’ to be climbing the hill on bicycles, not riders their age.  The looks on their faces was priceless.

Jerome, our lunch spot, is an amazing town hanging on the edge of the mountain.  The views on the descent are breathtaking and a major milestone on our cross country adventure.  We are one day away from our first rest day in Flagstaff, AZ.  Time is going fast and we are having a wonderful time bonding with new friends and telling our story as we meet new people each day.

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