Day 6 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Wickenburg to Prescott, AZ

60.5 miles, +6155/-2790 feet

The world is not flat, and neither is the road from Wickenburg to Prescott, AZ.  Significant climbing today! Starting with the epic views from Yarnell Hill, the climb peaked at Ranch House Restaurant in Yarnell where we were welcomed to use the restrooms and set up our Feed Zone in the parking lot.  Next on the tour menu, a couple of fast down hills, some false flats and another amazing climb into the busy town of Prescott.

False flats bring their own set of challenges as riders are used to maintaining a certain pace.  As one rider said, “it’s like dragging a dumbbell behind you attached to a parachute.”  But, it’s all part of the cross country experience which is both rewarding and personally challenging.

We are two days away from our first rest day in Flagstaff, AZ as we press eastward toward Boston.  And, everyone is still smiling!

IMG_4143 (2)IMG_4117 (2)IMG_4114 (2)

View from Mingus Mtn