Day 4 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Indio to Blythe, CA

Day 4 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Indio to Blythe, CA

83.5 miles, +1886/-3545  Indio to Blythe

Headed toward Blythe, the desert is not flat.  It was another cool morning, but the day warmed up to a nice 88 degrees as we continued our cross country trek from coast to coast.  We opened up the Feed Zone four times to ensure proper hydration and a few moments of rest.  That seemed to work well for us moving along taking in the sights and sounds of the desert.  During one of our stops, at Desert Center, we were able to observe the immense Desert Sunlight Solar Farm.  It is an odd sight looking out across the dryness of the landscape.

There are old things and there are new things in the desert.  All are interesting when you are seeing the desert with fresh eyes. One thing was very evident today.  No one is this group is able to keep their speed down to that of the turtle on the 5 MPH sign. Thank goodness….they’d still be out their pedaling as the sun sets.  Time to sleep.

Signs in the Desert on the way to Blythe








Blythe Chamber