Day 33 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Rest Day in Champaign, IL

Rainy day – Rest day

Are we the lucky ones?  Yes, absolutely!  It rains on our cross country bike tour rest day after such beautiful weather. At 5:00 AM the thunder really started to rock ‘n roll and the rain poured down.  Several times throughout the morning that pattern repeated itself.  Never-the-less, laundry as to be done, supplies restocked, and bikes tuned-up.  It is a busy day, regardless.

Rest day – Sunny warm and humid day

And…..the next thing you know everything, weather-wise, has changed.  A nice day – almost too nice to rest.


The historic Memorial Stadium

Historic Memorial Stadium

Time to take a ride through the beautiful campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Home of the Fighting Illine (Illine comes from an Illinois Indian tribe), with the colors orange and blue, the campus boasts it’s own airport and a 160 acre arboretum.  It truly is a beautiful place.

ACES, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences is part of the University.  The images that are part of a tour around the campus are clearly unique, and not something you see everyday.

Tomorrow morning we are on the road again heading towards Crawfordsville, Indiana.  A new state and a new time zone!  After that, on Friday, we’ll explore Indianapolis.  The days don’t stop, and neither do we….at least not for long.  This rest day has been a good one – a needed one, but we are ready to move on.  Ready to roll….

Part of ACES

Part of ACES

Beautiful old brick buildings

Beautiful old brick buildings