Day 3 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Moreno Valley to Indio, CA

Day 3 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Moreno Valley to Indio, CA

Moreno Valley to Indio, CA, through Palm Springs

80 miles, +1886/-3545 feet

Burrr… start this morning with a significant climb at 20 miles and a cooler Feed Zone stop at 28 miles.


It was fast and furious coasting at 40 miles per hour and a great demonstration of just why those windmills are out there.  On into Palm Springs to a warm stop under a shade tree with a gentle warm breeze, a very fun lady stopped to chat with us. She was asking if there was a bike event in town.  When we said “No, we’re on our way to Boston” she got out of her car to take pictures and shake our hands.  If you’re reading this now…..thanks for the great picture you took with my phone.  You made our (already really good) day even better and more memorable!

This evening, dinner at the casino and then off to bed again to sleep before we set out to tackle the desert tomorrow morning. No one said riding cross country by bike would be easy, and it’s not.  But, it is very doable and crafts memories that can’t be bought.

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

Wind Farm outside Palm Springs

Feed Zone in Palm Springs – Heading for Indio