Day 25 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Rest Day in Junction City, KS

Day 25 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Rest Day in Junction City, KS

Third Rest Day of our Cross Country Bike Tour in Junction City, KS

Total mileage to date:  1594 miles

Today marks the half-way point in our cross country journey from the perspective of number of days we are together. Tomorrow, when we reach Topeka, KS, the riders will have pedaled 1682 miles – half way from Newport Beach in CA to Pleasure Bay Beach in Boston!  Time is passing quickly.

What does REST day mean?





Junction City is the perfect place to actually rest.  Lots of services in case you need a hair cut, a book to read, a new phone, or just about anything else. Down the street there is a small city park.  A very peaceful place to take a few moments to reflect on the past 25 days and ponder what the next 25 days will bring.

Today there were threats of rain, but that didn’t happen so the van was washed as is ready to roll….

Junction City Kansas-Rest Day

Tomorrow, Junction City to Topeka,  is a big climbing day.  Our first SAG stop will find us in the very small town of Alta Vista, just a mile off our route, at a the Barnyard Cafe.  Tonight, preparations are being made for the next seven day stretch of riding.  Due to predictions of 100 degrees tomorrow, we have all agreed to leave a bit early.

Tonight – cheers to a great ride!