Day 24 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Salina to Junction City, KS

Day 24 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Salina to Junction City, KS

52 miles, +941/-1094 feet

Ride a little, eat a little, ride a little bit more….Picnic lunch in Eisenhower Park!

Eisenhower Park, Abilene, KS

Eisenhower Park, Abilene, KS

IMG_4583 IMG_4575 (2)Country Roads take me home. 

If the road between Salina and Abilene was good, then the road between Abilene and Junction City was amazingly good.  True country roads.  No lines, no cars, up, down, and around.  Howie said “this is what I’ve been waiting for”.  Just wait Howie, more to come; much more to come.


Half way home!  If you consider the East Coast home, we are half way there. If you are from West Coast, and you are looking for home, you are going the wrong direction if you are riding with us.  Junction City marks the half-way point in our journey from coast to coast with the third rest day of our trip. It’s time to take a nap. Rest. Eat.

Eisenhower's boyhood home

Eisenhower’s boyhood home

A cross country bike tour is a long bike tour. It takes a certain amount of grit and determination to “get back in the saddle” for 43 days after you dip your wheel in the Pacific Ocean and ride East. Half way is a very BIG DEAL! 


Tomorrow will be a day for hair cuts, laundry and eating more food.  When you ride cross country you can eat anything you want and not worry about it because it all burns off. That, and more. For now, though, it is time to sleep.

Country Road in Kansas

Picnic in the park.