Day 15 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Rest Day in Santa Fe, NM

Rest Day 

Santa Fe is a fun day to “rest”.  There should, however, be actual resting happening.  Sunday we head down the road again for two more days in New Mexico, followed by Texas, Oklahoma and then a week in Kansas.  What do you think….did the riders really rest, or did they play?Truly though, when you aren’t on the bike you are resting, even if you play all day in down town Santa Fe.  In the morning, however, it’s back to business on the bike.  Lots of miles ahead before we see the Atlantic Ocean.

More Cross Country Tour Crew Arrives!

The Support Crew

Dana flew home today for three weeks and will back in Richmond, IN, for the last two weeks of tour.  He will be missed, but in the mean time is replaced by my good friend Cindy and an amazing bike mechanic and all-round good guy, Steve Mahoney.  We met Steve last year in Boston at MyBike when we were looking for a bike shop to pack and ship bikes for us. Cindy will be with us for the next three weeks; Steve will ride his bike and be our tour mechanic until we reach Pleasure Bay Beach in Boston.  Big Dream Bike Tours is very lucky to have such fantastic support for our riders!