Day 13 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Grants to Albuquerque, NM

79 miles, +2082/-3417 feet

“WOW”….need to reflect back on last night’s dinner at the “WOW” diner in Grants, NM.  What a blast from the past!  Usually we are close enough to a restaurant to walk, but not the case in Grants, so we drove to this cool (old) diner with great reviews on Yelp. Chicken-fried steak smothered in white gravy; meat loaf with mashed potatoes, and more.  Much more.  Great fun with good food.  And you know – when you ride your bike cross country you can eat anything you want, and lots of it.  Yum. Check out the WOW Diner!

WOW diner in Grants, NM

WOW diner in Grants, NM

Today was the most beautiful morning to ride cross country.  No wind, clear skies, crisp to start but warmed up fast for a very nice ride in the 70’s. The road parallels Hwy 40 and has a nice country feel to it.

Historic Hwy 66 outside Grants, NM

Historic Hwy 66 outside Grants, NM

Standing on Route 66






Opened up the Feed Zone twice today.  Both nice stops, however, the second one turned out to be oasis quality in the shade of a big tree with our chairs set up on a lawn.  We like to have chairs to sit in.  Makes it more restful.

Relax in the shade!

Crossing the Rio Grande is always an amazing (and muddy) experience.  Today the river was running higher than in past years.  Quite a site for the memory book.



The Rio Grande - very full

The Rio Grande – very full

Tomorrow we’re off to Santa Fe, NM, for another rest day.  Resting is always important, but more so when riding cross country.  The days continue on one after the other, state after state, until you once again reach the ocean.  A different ocean.