Day 12 – Cross Country Bike Tour – Gallup, NM to Grants, NM

59 miles, +1102/-1256 feet

Perfect temperature with a headwind. Half of that sounds good!

Left Gallup on a nice quiet frontage road this morning after a beautiful sunrise.  Lots of road work in progress which should improve a short section that has needed some help for a number of years.IMG_4265 (2)

The highlight of this day is crossing the Continental Divide at 7245′.  It was a bit cooler, but still very nice, and a wonderful place to open up our Feed Zone.  An opportunity to chow down and take pictures.

IMG_4270 (2)







Grants, NM, our destination town, is another of many smaller towns along Hwy 66 experiencing a revival.  Appearing depressed in past years, there is now a look of new development and prosperity.

IMG_4263 (2)


Side bar:  Yesterday when we were in Gallup, NM, there was a sign stating that Gallup was the most patriotic town in the USA. These beautiful pots of flowers with flags lined the hotel driveway.  So nice, and another example of the unexpected discoveries you come across when riding your bike cross country.