Santa Ana River Trail

When we researched our route from Newport Beach to Moreno Valley earlier this year the ride out the Santa Ana River Trail was pure joy……of course it was…..we had a tremendous tail wind! After finding the perfect SAG stop 20 miles out, we turned around and rode back into the wind. It was hard, but there under a freeway overpass we found this amazing mural. The white on the ground that looks like snow is really white sand. Not only was it joyful to take a break from the wind, the mural made the day complete.

Who would ride their bike if they didn’t find joy in the process? Part of the joy is what you see, and part of the joy is in the accomplishment of …… of what? The accomplishment can be very personal. Is it the distance? Is it an obstacle over come? Were you tired that day? Sore? Not well hydrated? What?