How to Safely Maneuver Through Intersections

Ride Intersections Safely


Part of riding across the country is knowing how to safely maneuver through intersections.  Often, riders spend much of their training time preparing for tour by riding with groups on bike trails or rural roads.  The weekend group ride or club ride is usually planned to make the most of the local scenery, coffee stops, or that favorite lunch stop.  In other words, training is taking place on well-ridden routes tested by many local cyclists, not in the crowded downtown area of many major cities. However, when you ride across the country the route will take you to points of interest that just happen to be located in the midst of downtown areas where you (on your bike) and the local traffic must often share space.


It’s important to remember that you have all the same rights and the responsibilities as a vehicle when you are riding your bike.  And, it makes good sense to ride with caution, but you also have to ride with confidence.

Thanks to Bike Sense BC, your cycling and traffic skills can be polished prior to beginning your epic journey across the country.


Learning all the required cycling skills will greatly increase your safety and comfort when cycling in traffic.

Be able to control your bike at all times. Read more.

Make them most of your cross country bike tour. Have fun. Be safe. Make memories.