Parker, Arizona – no go…

Parker, Arizona – no go…

Our goal is to provide the best routes available. And by best we mean safest and most interesting.

The Bridge in Parker, Arizona

Often times we can get a very good idea of what a route will look like from maps, BUT the only sure way to determine if a route is what you believe it to be, is to go there. With long endurance rides it’s not always possible to ride every inch during the research process, but you do have to drive what is accessible in the car, and have your bike with you to ride the trails, etc.

So….we took a drive to Parker, Arizona, because there is a casino there on the Colorado River and a great bridge. What did we discover? The roads there are not roads we would want to ride on which means we wouldn’t offer them as a route. In this case, with the casino located out of California, smoking was allowed. Not a good thing for our purposes. We can say, however, the casino had the most amazing indoor water slide and the view of the sunset was spectacular. The bridge was the highlight, and for that reason alone we were sad that our tour was not going to pass over it.