Last Days of Tour

What’s Included

Final Days of Tour (Boston)

The last two nights of your Cross Country tour will be spent at the same hotel in the Boston area. Our first night will be celebrated with a special dinner where you and your group members will have the opportunity to share stories of your time together.

You will be nearing the end of an adventure that few people will ever consider. On this night, you will start to understand the depth of your experience, the vastness of your journey and the strength of the camaraderie that has developed. You will have built friendships and memories that will last a lifetime and this will be the evening to savor it all.

Last Day of Riding (To the Atlantic!)

Your last morning will begin with a hearty breakfast prepared by our host hotel. After your last cup of morning coffee with friends, we will gather outside the hotel, and leave in groups of three. You and your gang will pedal fifteen miles to our rendezvous point and our last private gathering as the newest group of Cross Country cyclists. You will be part of a team now, and the final three miles to the Atlantic will be ridden together, two-by-two surrounded by CrossRoads vehicles and your leaders.

Atlantic Roll-in

Your first glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean will bring a rush of emotion as you take the final pedal strokes of your seven-week journey. You will roll into your final destination to the cheers of family and friends who have come to celebrate your achievement. This is YOUR moment! YOUR victory!

Wheel Dip

Photos, hugs and smiles will carry you across the sand to the water’s edge. Your ride began in Los Angeles when you dipped your front wheel in the Pacific, and this day you will dip your rear wheel in the Atlantic making your journey a true coast-to-coast event. Courage and tenacity brought you to this point, and the images and emotions will be yours forever, understood only by those who traveled with you.

Final Banquet (Boston)

Our final banquet will be a night to remember, as the tour leaders honor you with achievement awards, story telling, and a multi-media presentation of your journey.

The conclusion of our banquet will begin your re-entry into the “real world”, “normal life” and into a time of personal reflection. You will leave us a different person, stronger, more confident, ready to face any challenge presented. Every cyclist who has ever ridden with us will attest to this fact! You have just ridden your bicycle 3,400 miles across the United States of America, under your own power, one pedal stroke at a time and now it’s time to celebrate the brave new you!

Our seven-week tour is an exciting, life affirming adventure! Ride the entire tour end to end or split it into multiple segments over multiple years. Join us at any point along our route for any length of time. See Choose a Segment or call for details.