Black Knight Bike – Very cool kids bike

Black Knight Bike

Never intending to spend the time working on a vintage bike, this Black Knight Bike was given to me by my son, Adam.  I love it and keep it in our entry way next to my office door – Big Dream Bike Tours  office – where the planning happens.  The video explains a bit more about the bike – especially how “special” the intact light seems to be. Adam, being an electrician, plans to work on the light so it will be operable once again.  Finding the white wall tires was the big challenge.  After several failed attempts at ordering the right size for the wheels it was fun to pull these out of the box and finally see them on the bike.  Will it ever be restored to “new”?  Probably not, as long as I have it.  The charm (my personal opinion) is in the use seen on the bike.  Maybe some of it was neglect, but not all.  I believe it was, and now is, a well-loved bike.  A very cool bike!

Black Knight Vintage Bike