Before Tour Begins

What’s Included

Pre-Trip Support

Preparation and participation in a long distance tour is very different than that of a typical cycling vacation. Our goal is to answer all of your questions before you can even think of them and to help you be fully prepared, feeling confident when you arrive.

Our commitment to our cyclists goes far beyond our written materials. We will share our experience and know-how through weekly News Flashes and telephone conversations. We will also provide a pre-trip time line that will help you stay focused on training and preparations during the months leading up to tour. Here is what you can expect from us before your tour begins.

Four Months Before Tour

In January we begin ramping up to the big event by emailing weekly News Flashes with information that will help you plan for every aspect of tour. Our News Flashes will continue up to your tour departure date with the goal of educating and motivating so you can enjoy the most remarkable adventure imaginable! Here is a small sampling of topics covered in our News Flashes.

  • Airport transportation
  • Hotel information for early arrivals and extended stays
  • Proper recovery food and drink for long distance cycling
  • Bicycle saddle, shorts, chamois cream recommendations
  • Comprehensive list of our favorite cycling products
  • Bicycle overhaul recommendations
  • Bicycle packing instructions for your local mechanic
  • Where and when to ship your bicycle at the start of tour
  • Bicycle packing and shipping details for the end of tour
  • Cleaning supplies provided during tour
  • Energy bars and gels provided during tour

Three Months Before Tour

At this point in time we will provide the password to our online Reference Library where you will find an extensive list of documents available anytime of the day or night! Here is a partial list of the material you will find in our Library.

  • Hotel address list
  • Sample route sheet
  • Tour itinerary
  • Orientation schedule (Los Angeles)
  • Boston schedule (Atlantic Wheel Dip and final banquet)
  • Desert safety
  • Cycling in inclement weather
  • Bicycle handling skills and drills

Two Months Before Tour

With just two months until tour we begin collecting information needed to make your arrival and departure from tour seamless. We will also email your Tour Handbook complete with information about our daily tour routine and overall safety.

  • Tour Handbook
  • Bicycle cleaning Tips and Tricks
  • Packing tips for “life on tour”
  • A Typical Day on Tour (daily support, meals, cycling routine)
  • Overview of tour life (laundry, hotel Internet, Route Rap)
  • Protocol for group riding
  • Cycling hand signals and voice commands
  • Safe cycling procedures
  • Online Travel Planner

So that we can best serve you at the start and end of tour, as well as properly service your bicycle during tour, we will gather the following information before you leave home.

    Start of Tour

  • Arrival date: Will you arrive before the official start date?
  • How will you get to tour: Fly or drive
  • Bicycle transport to tour: Courier, car, airplane with you
  • Bicycle Assembly: Will you need help or will you assemble your own bicycle?
  • Component brand: Shimano, Campy, SRAM

    End of Tour

  • Departure date: Will you extend your stay?
  • How will you return home: Fly or drive?
  • Bicycle transport from tour: Courier, car, airplane with you
  • Bicycle packing: Will you need help or will you pack your own bicycle?
  • Bicycle shipping: Will you need help with arrangements?
  • Bicycle box: Will you need a cardboard box for transport?

One Month Before Tour

With tour just one month away, group introductions will begin through our private web site so questions can be asked and excitement shared. Your CrossRoads’ duffel bags and team jersey will be shipped so you can transport your personal gear to tour in grand style! Here is a list of items that will be sent one month before tour.

  • CrossRoads team jersey
  • Two CrossRoads duffel bags
  • Two CrossRoads luggage tags

We are dedicated your success and share your passion to ride your bike across the United States.