Rest Day 4 in Hannibal, Missouri – On the Mississippi River

By request, Hannibal, Missouri, on the Mississippi River is now the forth rest day on the Sea-to-Shining-Sea Cross Country Tour.  Why?  There are many reasons to spend a day on the Mississippi River, and especially in Hannibal.  Home of Mark Twain, Hannibal is rich with history.

Rest Day in Hannibal, MO

Historic Hannibal has much to offer with shops, restaurants and attractions.  Just walking along the river is an amazing experience as you realize just how BIG the river is.  Knowing that you will ride your bike to the other side as you head on toward the Atlantic Ocean is just one more realization of how much variety and diversity our great country has to offer.

Tom Sawyer’s Fence in Hannibal, MO

The Mark Twain Brewing Company is a favorite lunch or dinner spot. With a unique menu and fabulous view at the edge of the Mississippi River, it’s a nice spot to take a break and enjoy a meal.

Close by is Tom Sawyer’s Fence where you can pretend you are one of Tom’s whitewashing gang.

Did you buy something special on the second rest day in Santa Fe, New Mexico to ship home?  Maybe so, maybe not….don’t miss Ayers Pottery on 3rd street in Hannibal.  It’s a unique place not to be missed.  You might just find that perfect “something.”