What is the tour registration and payment process?

Registration:   With your tour registration you will receive a welcome package in the mail. Registration fees are nonrefundable.

Training:   We include training as part of the registration process because we want to assist and encourage you ASAP. We will ask you if you want to chat via phone or email regarding a training program to prepare you for tour. If you do, great! If not, we completely understand.

Payment in full:   Due ninety (90) days prior to tour. At that time you will receive our Tour Tutorial which includes the answers to all your questions, including what cycling and other clothing you will need to bring with you.

How does the daily tour process work?

The process is intentionally simple – your focus is riding your bike!

1. Get up, put on your bike clothes and go to breakfast.
2. Gather your belongings, grab your bike and get ready to ride.
3. Drop off your bag with our staff, check your tires, put on your helmet, ride your bike.
4. Ride, snack, ride, snack, ride, ride, ride. (the number of SAG stops depends on the length of the day)
5. Arrive at destination, check-in, eat, shower, rest, explore.
6. Tour Talk @ 5:30 in the hotel; review of next day Ride Guide.
7. Dinner @ 6:00
8. Prep for another fantastic day on your bike; sleep
9. Repeat #1 – 8, except on rest days.

What will you need to pack?  In the months prior to tour a complete packing list and packing guide will be delivered to you in our Tour Tutorial. Information regarding each piece of clothing and equipment will be provided in detail.

What sort of bike should you bring?  The entire tour is a road-ride. In other words, all paved roads. And, because the tour is long, we encourage you to ride a bike that you are already comfortable riding. This may be a carbon or aluminum road bike with road bars or a steel touring bike. Road bars or straight bars are a personal preference. A cross-bike or hybrid will also work, if it is a bike you are used to riding. You should not consider a cruiser or mountain bike. Tandems and recumbent bikes are welcome. We cannot, however, under any circumstances, support trike bikes. Many stronger riders who are used to riding distance are comfortable with a standard 53 x 39 chain ring in the front and an 11 x 25 cassette in the back. You may want to consider either a compact or triple chain ring in the front and/or and 11 x 28 or 29 cassette in the back to ensure your comfort during the tour if you are not accustomed to longer rides with some amount of climbing.

How will the daily route be communicated?  Each evening before dinner we will meet to talk about the next day. The route will be available to you in hard copy, giving you specific directions, and also available via a Garmin Edge Touring Cycling Computer which we will provide for your use during tour.  Riders wishing to capture personal data should also carry their own Garmin.

What about luggage?  Big Dream Bike Tours provides each rider with gear bags. The total weight allowed is included in the TOUR TUTORIAL. Traveling light is simple and easy!

What kinds of hotels can you expect?  Looking forward to a nice room with a refreshing shower and a comfy bed is so important at the end of a long day in the saddle.  We like nice hotels and we’re sure you do, too.  A few favorites are:  Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Suites, Drury Inn, Hampton Inn, and the newly remodeled Best Western Plus Hotels.  A dip in the pool and a stretch in the gym can make all the difference in your evening and the next day on the road.

Is a tour jersey provided?  Yes, and you will love it! Big Dream Bike Tours is proud to work in collaboration with designer and artist, Kathy Sarns, Free Spirit Wear, to create a jersey that you will wear for years to come as you remember your bike tour across the United States.

What will the weather be like?  Each year brings a variety of fantastic cycling days. On windy days we say the wind is my friend, on rainy days we say that none of us are sweet enough to melt. And, on hot days, we hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and use ice socks to take good care of ourselves, and you.

What’s an ice sock? Good question! An ice sock is two stockings filled with ice and attached together with a big safety pin. Hang them around your neck, under your jersey, for a cool and comfortable afternoon.

What about roommates?  When requested, double hotel accommodations are arranged as often as possible. In most cases you will have a (same sex) roommate if requested. Should a roommate not be available the cost of a single room will apply.

Can your family come see you off and/or meet you at the end of tour?  Absolutely, we encourage family and friends to enjoy the excitement. Prior to the beginning of tour, lodging and additional meal costs will be available for to share with your family so they can plan ahead.

Will a mechanic assemble your bike for you?  Yes, one of our tour mechanics not only travels on tour each day, but is available pre-tour, by appointment, to assemble your bike. There is no extra charge for this service. Please note that we are not able to carry bike boxes with us on tour. All bike boxes must be shipped home.

How does your bike get back home after tour?  After tour, a professional mechanic from a local Boston bike shop will pack your bike for you. UPS will deliver it to the address you request. We will add this cost to your incidental trip costs (tubes, tires, CO2) and bill you. It may be a good idea to have your bike delivered directly to your home bike shop for a reassembly, cleaning and tune-up. If you plan to take your bike on a plane with you, and need assistance to pack it, please let us know. We will arrange to help you.

What does SAG mean?  For our purposes, SAG stands for Support and Gear. Big Dream SAG stops provide snacks, drinks, tires, tubes and moral support.

What does SAG support include?  An ample supply and selection of power foods and drinks are provided at SAG, including Gluten Free products, along with other snack foods, fresh fruit and goodies. On longer ride days, especially when services are few and far between, SuperSAG lunch items are also made available. We believe that proper fuel and hydration, in addition to well kept equipment and rest is the key to your successful tour experience.

Are all meals included?  Breakfast is provided each day by the hotel. On most ride days dinner is included for the entire group together, with the exception of the night prior to a rest day. On occasion, when the destination begs exploration, dinner is on your own. Meals on rest days, other than breakfast provided by the hotel, are on your own. Lunch is not provided with the tour, except longer ride days when lunch options are made available via SuperSAG. Riders are encouraged to eat and rehydrate within one hour of the end of their ride each day….prior to dinner. As often as possible, chocolate milk, including lactose free chocolate milk, will be provided for you at the end of your ride day. As you know, chocolate milk is one of the best sources available to replenish a tired athlete (like you) after a workout. The tour is a fabulous workout!

How do you pay for your tour?  Tour registration is paid via our secured online process. Final payment is due 90 days prior to your tour date, via cashiers check, bank check, or wire transfer. Personal checks, credit or debit cards cannot be accepted for final payments. When your final payment is received, your tour materials (TOUR TUTORIAL) will be delivered to you. In the mean time, take advantage of the personalized phone support that we are happy to provide.

What if you have to cancel your tour plans?

We understand that circumstances beyond your control do occur. In that instance, refunds will be made according to the number of days prior to the first day of the Sea to Sea Tour in Newport Beach. This is the day prior to the first ride day of the Sea to Shining Sea Tour. All tours are some part of this tour. We cannot make exceptions.

Registration fee is non-refundable.

If you need to cancel: Refund is tour cost, minus:

80 days prior to tour $ 400.00
70 days prior to tour $ 1,000.00
60 days prior to tour 50% of tour charge
45 days prior to tour 75% of tour charge
0 to 45 days prior to tour No refund
During tour No refund

Other questions – please give us a call or send an email.  We’re anxious to chat with you. Keep in mind, if we don’t answer our phone it’s because we are a small company dedicated to your passion. That means we’re probably out riding our bikes exploring new and better routes to ensure your experience is the best possible. Leave us your name and number. We’ll call you right back and probably text you a picture from our day!